Project Title Directors Country of Origin
7 Planets Milda Baginskaite United Kingdom
A Tale of War Hossein Jehani Australia
Abide Molly Vernon United States
Abstraction Jon Cipiti United States
Affliction Charles A Kennedy Jr United States
Africa: Through The Eyes Of A Visionaire Timashion Jones United States
After Ashes Jesse McAnally United States
Anonymous Tip Dtonio Cheatham United States
Ashes Dan Slater Canada
Ashes Lucie Gillespie Not Specified
Babies Yuval Shapira Romania
Bad Day Melissa Talbot United States
Blood Hero Lorie Mitchell United States
Bullies Daniel Bydlowski United States
Candidly Speaking  Tinisha Brugnone United States
Charlie/ "La Vie Magnifique De Charlie" Bobby Huntley United States
Chewing-gum Haman FOULADVAND France
Cold Feet Keishi Suenaga Japan
Count Time The Movie Jason Kulayd Clayton United States
Dead Tooth Laena Bradley United States
Deep Storage Susan Earl Australia
Deleted Scene  Nicolò Tagliabue Italy
Eden Ana Pio Portugal
Fantastic Vacance Jinnam Kim Korea
GOLIATH Dominik Locher Switzerland
Happy Ending Fernando González Gómez Spain
HELP WANTED  Kennikki Jones-Jones  United States
Hideaway Cal Croft Australia
Icons Ronnie Cramer United States
Jackson Not Just A Name  Harold Welton United States
Je Suis (i am) Faith Strongheart United States
Just words Ilia Antonenko Russian Federation
Justifiable Homicide Tameka Citchen-Spruce  United States
Last Words Anthony T. Green United States
Living Marcellus Cox United States
Love Espionage - Spy Revenge Charlene Jeter United States
LUCY MEI DONG United States
MissHong Jong Ki Jeon Korea, Republic of
My Life with Rosie Angela Sadler Williamson United States
No Excuses: When A Trainer Needs A Trainer  Tonya Core United States
Ode Ana Pio United Kingdom
Patiently Faithful Vikas Patel United States
Roundabout Paul Andrew Kimball Canada
RUN Anthony T. Green United States
SAVE Iván Sáinz-Pardo Spain
Seven Whole Days Phette Hollins, Jason Kulayd Clayton United States
Sgt Stubby - An Unlikely Hero Richard Lanni France
slate. Nate Hapke United States
Small Fish Jake Weber and Camron Combs United States
Stalker Michael Mizzion Smith United States
Stay Marcus White II, Katelin Maylum United States
Stepan Graham Henderson United States
The Blue Tooth Virgin Russell Brown United States
The Confessional Shane Conaty Ireland
The Last Divide Dillon Garland Canada
The Lottery Robert Butler United States
The Other Side of the Shadows Ian Courtney United States
The Return of the Prodigal Son Mingi Kim United States
The Wolf Catcher Juan Salas United States
Unlawful Thomas Butcher United States
UNREADABLE WORDS srwsht abarash Iraq
Vienna Lucas Mumm United States
Virtual Love Spain

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